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2023 Georgia National Fair
Advance Admission Tickets
On-Sale NOW

General pricing at the gate:
Kids 10 & Under FREE (Ticket not required)
Ages 11-60: $15
Ages 60+: $10
2023 Gate Admission
2023 Gate Admission
Oct 05 - Oct 15, 2023
2-Day Admission $25.00
Advance Gate Admission $14.00
General Admission (Ages 11-59) $15.00
Season Pass $95.00
  • Advance Admission Tickets are available at the Georgia National Box Office window from September 11th - October 14th.

The tickets available online are valid for fair-time admission on any one day of the 2023 Georgia National Fair, Oct. 5-Oct. 15. Admission discounts may be available at the entrance gates on several discount days throughout the fair’s run; admission pricing may be less expensive if you purchase admission during the fair at the entrance gates on these discount days. No refunds will be given if you pre-purchase tickets and discover you qualify for a discount at the gate.

No refunds or exchanges. Ticket holder agrees to comply with all Georgia National Fair policies and protocols (including health, safety and security) in place at the time of the 2023 Fair, and acknowledges that policies and protocols may be updated between time of ticket purchase and the State Fair. If the 2023 Fair is canceled, gate tickets will be deferred to the following year.

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