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2014 Concerts TBA


*Advance purchase concert tickets include Fair admission!
Tickets purchased day of the concert do not include Fair admission.
Concert ticket prices do not include handling fees.

Discount Ride Tickets (Advance Purchase Only!)

A sheet of 18 ride coupons, $10.00, is available through advance purchase only as noted below:
Advance purchase ride tickets are available at participating Kroger Stores, September 1 to September 30 (through store’s closing time or 12:00 a.m. whichever occurs first).
Advance purchase gate and ride [...]

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2014 Concerts: TBA

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Fairgoers watch Georgia National Fair ads here and on your local station. We look forward to seeing you at the Georgia National Fair!


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Phat Katz Brass Band 

Phat Katz Brass Band is a 5 piece Atlanta-based band that loves to have fun, performing a wide spectrum of music from traditional jazz, to marching band style, to today’s hits.  Their love for music is unparalleled as they capture the imagination of their audience. Combining their various musical roots makes for the perfect “gumbo” blend, satisfying all ages and musical persuasions. Phat Katz Brass Band will wow you with their outstanding musicianship and energetic performance, [...]

About the Fair

The annual, official state-sponsored Georgia National Fair, October 2-12, 2014, is a family event that is “Georgia Grown!”

One of the newest features of the Fair is the Georgia Grown Building. This is a joint project of the Georgia National Fair and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  During the 11 days of the Fair, the building features space dedicated solely to Georgia Grown products, manufacturers, and agricultural businesses. Rental and sponsorship fees will aid in benefiting Agricultural Youth Scholarships. If you [...]