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Fair Tips

Remember where you parked! – Maybe take a photo with your phone of your vehicle location.
The Baby Comfort Station is south of the Tower. Change diapers, feed babies, and rest!
For Lost & Found Items, please Contact Security 478-988-6411
Remember the gate you entered
(North, East, South, West)
Use the hand wash stations located throughout the Fairgrounds.
Most importantly, have Fun!
If lost, “Meet at the Tower” – this area is always manned by Fair personnel, who will be happy to assist you.
Check fair map for wheelchairs, phones, restrooms & ATM’s
Please do not touch or feed any animals (except the petting zoo)
Attention Drivers

Please follow these travel tips from the Georgia State Patrol.

  • Obey speed limits, posted signs, and troopers’ instructions.
  • Use Exit 134 on Interstate 75.
  • The South Gate is the designated drop off and pick up area.
  • Drive safely and wear your seat belt.
NEW! Bag/Package Policy

Guests of the Georgia National Fair should be prepared for all bags and packages to be searched. We ask that guests keep these to a minimum to expedite the process and make it less intrusive. Guests will be asked to open and display the contents of all bags and packages. Bags and packages which are searched will be tagged to identify them as “possibly safe” to law enforcement officials who may come across a lost or unattended bag or package.

More Tips

1. Before your visit to the Fair, remind children of these rules. It is all about having a safe and fun Fair!
  • Don’t talk to strangers.
  • If you are lost, look for a policeman or go to the Clock Tower for help.
  • Place your cell phone number in their front pocket.
  • Right before going into the fair….take out your camera phone and take a picture of your children! That way if you get separated from them, you will have a recent description of your kids and can remember EXACTLY what they are wearing!
2. Thoroughly wash hands or use hand sanitizer before eating, after visiting the animal barns, watching a show, or sneezing.
3. Wear comfortable shoes!
4. Lock valuables in your car.
5. When you park, take note of some identifiers in the lot near your vehicle and pay attention to which gate you used to enter the Fairgrounds. Don’t forget to lock your doors!
6. We are known as “the clean Fair!” Help us out! Take the extra steps to the closest trash barrel.
7. Don’t panic if you get separated from your party. Plan ahead. Set up a meeting point as soon you arrive. The best place to meet is the Clock Tower!
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